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News cutting : Latam Airlines Boeing 787 En-route incident

Source: SCMP “My neighbour who was in the seat two over from me (係我隔離兩個位), there was a gap in between us, as soon as I woke I looked, and he was on the ceiling and I thought I was dreaming,” Brian Adam Jokat said. The New Zealand accident investigator said Chilean authorities had confirmed they Read More

News cutting : Hiking related

Source: SCMP Hundreds of Hong Kong trekking enthusiasts (徒步旅行愛好者) embarked on a free and guided hike in neighbouring Shenzhen on Sunday, as part of its ongoing efforts to attract tourists from the city by arranging cross-border activities. About 400 hikers from Hong Kong braved the rain (冒著雨) to gather at 9.30am near the cross-border checkpoint Read More

職安健創新及科技博覽 2024 Day 2

On the day 2 of the expo, I suddenly had an idea coming out from my mind. Why not practicing my English listening skill. The organizer provided interpretation service. I borrowed the head-phone and the portable device, then I started my learning. Below are the canned sentence that I can use in the future for Read More

News Cutting and Learning English 2023 訂了SCMP, 間中先睇下。最近,發現了一個不錯的新功能,有閱讀mode, 可train 下listening. 今日食完早餐就做下剪趣啦。 限制取消 #restrictions are dropped #requirements are lifted All Covid-19 travel restrictions were dropped and no quotas were imposed on arrivals from either side. Similarly, all pre-departure testing requirements for travelling between the two places were lifted. the government lifted the city’s indoor and outdoor mask requirements. Read More

tightened crimps (jubilee clips)

tightened crimps (jubilee clips) Read More

“燈油火蠟” 的英文係咩? (Eng)

間中都會用廣東話講 “燈油火蠟”, 當想轉佢做英文, 就只係掛到咀邊說不出, 又或要用 Utility expenses 呢 D 較 formal 既字去代替 其實 “燈油火蠟” 是 overhead relating to the overheads of a business (企業日常開支的;營運費用的) example: One way of increasing profit margins is to cut overhead costs. 增加利潤的其中一個方法是減少管理費用。 Read More

Protected: ICAO English: Photo Description 2

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Learning basic English – The Weather and Neutral Word

[Ref] Life is like a rainbow. You don’t always know what’s on the other side, but you know it’s there. It’s surprisingly + … It’s  …. today. It’s gonna to be  … [It’s going be …] It seems that … will continue into this Friday. [Adj] sunny cloudy windy cold hot rainy drizzling stormy foggy Read More

English Learning (Links, Sources …)

English Every Day – my notes, new words … #   Learning from TV series #   BBC – The English We Speak #   Daily Conversation #   Vocabulary ( # Vocabulary ( # Vocabulary (aliciateacher2) #   Weather # Read More

Learning from BBC New: ET302

Language A plan has crashed in (somewhere). It’s believed (157) people were on the flight It’s quite a devastating scene. You can see clearly that… Various nationals were among the passengers. there was an intense fire as the aircraft hit the ground The blast and the fire were so strong  that we couldn’t get near Read More

Learning on the bus : flight business

the revamp will allow the organisation to communicate its breadth and depth of expertise to an increasingly diverse client base A reason for the change is that … momentous decision shut down the A380 programme has been a consistent problem with hindsight the business case for the A380 has failed for lack of demand Airbus Read More

Learning from the TV series

duffle bag Booyah! – Slang term from the early 1990s meaning roughly “OH YEAH!” or “IN YOUR FACE!” or “THERE WE GO!” lunatic (adj.) – a person who is mentally ill (offensive old-fashioned) insane (adj.) – mentally ill run amok (ph.) – to be out of control and act in a wild or dangerous manner psychopath (n.) –  someone who is very mentally ill and dangerous whitewash (v.) = hide (v.) -He whitewash the fact. Don’t believe in him! Read More

Aviation Mathematics and Physics

What is the cause for the change in seasons throughout the year? Ans : The axis of rotation of the Earth is tilted. Notes: The seasons on Earth have nothing to do with the specific shape of Earth’s orbit around the Sun. What causes day and night? The Earth rotates around a line through the Read More

Learning from SMCP @ fairwood

Industry insiders agree city regulator made the right call in banning Boeing 737 MAX. (CAD) was still “closely monitoring the developments FAA – considered a leading aviation regulator it was natural for the CAD to monitor the FAA’s views and decisions on the saga. Saga(n.) a long complicated series of related, usually negative, events (通常指負面的)系列事件,一長串事件 It was just another episode in the ongoing saga of their marriage problems. Read More

Flight International : Keeping the airspace under control

[Ref 12-18 March 2019 | Flight International | 43] I have read the flight international magazine for two years, in the fast, I have tried to cut some page I would like to collect. However, I find it is really hard to review and it takes time. So..I have started take some quote from the Read More

Learning from Scmp : 20 Feb 2019

Hong Kong security guard dies after he is found unconscious on Tsim Sha Tsui rooftop, police probe foul play foul play – a criminal act that results in seriousdamage or injury, especially murder: It is not clear what caused the explosion, but the police do not suspect foul play homicide –  (an act of) murder:  He was convicted of homicide. The number of homicides in the city has risensharply. police source said bruises were found on his body, suggesting he had been beaten. An autopsy Read More

Learning from SCMP : 1st of the Year of the Pig

[Ref. SCMP] A Hongkonger opened a hooters-style bar – where serves fried food and beer by beautiful women in bikinis. The founder use her savings from a brief stint as an independent financial advisor. (stint =  fixed or limited period of time spent doing a particular job or activity) The reporter feels that is a harebrained idea and she admits that attract group of middle-aged lechers. After Read More

Review basic English: Direction

Turn Left Make a left Hang left   Turn Right Make a right Hang right   Bear left – make a curve not 90 degrees Bear Right   Go straight ahead Go straight on   Read More

Learning on bus 2019 Jan 25

#happy chappy “Chap” is an informal antiquated way for “fellow”, “dude”, “guy”. Often used in a sarcastic way and with a negative Example: Hey, Tommy, you seem like a happy chappy. So where we here this phrase, how could we respond to that? That’s : What’s the point of being miserable? celebrating imperfection, which I think is something so Read More

ICAO English : Flight Path

[General Usage] Request an earlier slot example: request a new slot Ready to push back Advise current QNH Advise the type of the traffic ahead of us Confirm heading = What’s the heading? Confirm parking stand = Please tell the parking stand Note: “Advise” and “Confirm” are used in a question, but the later one usually Read More

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