AFTC Training Day 1 (From HKG to ADL)

2016/03/26 Good Friday,  Passion  (typed in HKG airport)

Passion (from the Greek verb πασχωmeaning to suffer) is a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something.

“Checklist completed” I whispered (to myself).  After I have come back to Hong Kong since last August. I can embark on the big jet again. Rightly,  I am going to learn how to manipulate an aircraft. There is a far road before I can enter into the cockpit of commercial airline,  but it is one of the milestone in my life.

In the coming fourteen days,  I will be in the Adelaide,  the capital city of south Australia.  Remember that the first time for me to learn something about the city was in the lesson just half an year ago. My kindly ground school instructor told me that – In general,  there are at least three types of aerodrome (airport) in the major city of Australia. The usage of these airports are used by commercial airline (or charter flight), military  and of coz including the general aviation training.
Well,  let me going back to share about the ADL airport where I am going to receive training. Parafield Airport, with ICAO code: YPPF,  where is located approximately 11miles (18km) north of Adelaide city center.  There are two sets of parallel runway – 03L,R and 08L,R ; the reciprocal RWY are 21R,L and 26R, L respectively. During the tower operating hours (details can refer to the ERSA – En Route Supplement Australia),  pilots are conducting Class D procedure in the simultaneous contra-circuit pattern. Once we get airborne,  we are going to particular HDG given by ATC or that may be shown on VTC (visual terminal Chart). Usually,  as my understanding,  students pilot like me enter the training area from reaming flying south and west of Bolivar strobe…..

Haha…I want to type something about my feelings at the start of this dairy… Anyway… It is time to boarding…Let me make a chair flight on a real flight…

2016/03/27 A New Day Everyday (typed En route of SQ 279 and the first evening in ADL)
0510 ADL time (0240 hk time),  on the A330…such a beautiful star outside the window… I have recharged for the coming day.  To be honest,  it is the most impressive flight journey that I have had already. The story is talking back to the leg from HK to SG.
As a student pilot,  or somehow I  need to cultivate my personality to be a person,  who usually prepare for the worst. The more important thing is that I highly give my concern to this training trip. I do everything that in my ability in order to prevent any ailments,  not try to mention “sick”  or “infection”. The most weird countermeasure is wearing a mask. Also,  I arrived the check in counter as well as the gate well before the closing time.  However,  I only can say that what we don’t to be happen and that will.
After I looked one of my counterpart embarking the A380, I found a place to keep my battery online while I can read on the charts and flight checklist. Everything seems not unusual. La, La, La, Ha, Ha, Ha..I joined few more buddies who are going to take the same with me although we seat at different row. WOW, the first time for me to use xxx airline to go to Australia via SG… I had been looking forward the trip for months. Getting on board the B777 200 ER, home is sweet home. The past memory flew in my mind abruptly. There are various difference for sure –  first B777 200 ER is equipped with 4 x 2 emergency door,  both length and wingspan is shorter than my favourite aircraft B777 300ER. On of my buddies,  Mr S asked,  so what the figures and details of the two aircraft.  Um,  to be honest,  I have read those information,  but I ve only get the general idea.  For me,  at this stage of learning as a student pilot, I do believe that I should be focus on the ACFT that I am going to touch.  Well.. TB10, was produces by a French manufacturer called Socata. It is one of the member of the TB series. The concept is liken to the fact that A319,A320 and A321 are members of A320 family (series). TB-10 was produced in the Tarbes,  a city located south of France, it has named TB series finally.  TB-10 is a aircraft equipped with single piston engine,  two-blades,  constant – speed propeller,  with max 5 POB, at the 2535 lbs in normal category. It is a fantastic aircraft for various general aviation (GA) usages – touring or training are also suitable. TB-10 is a lowe-wing aircraft with traditional tricycle undercarriage.  The nose wheel is steerable while the main wheels are stopped by the hydraulic-actuated disk brake.
In terms of the control surfaces,  the aircraft has ailerons, rudder, and the stabilator.
So far I have just typed the most basic information about the TB-10. Indeed,  I had once thought that I can only type my diary in the dormitory as my tired body. Remember the first leg from HK to SG,  there is a weird fragrance that make me feeling uncomfortable while I could not get water from the FA. I truly understand that they may be busying in delivering meals to other passengers. Yet,  I ve waited for half an hour with no response.  As a student pilot,  that was the time to show my assertive decision: excuse me,  I feel uncomfortable….Eventually I got the water. After finished the small cup of water,  I took a snap. No matter how,  I arrived SG int. Airport safety. I got a dollar voucher from a particular counter located in the middle Hall.  I made another important decision – going into a coffee shop and gripping a cup of latte… Much better.
In this trip,  I have to thank to a real pilot,  who taught me to be assertive and speak out my uncomfortable feeling at essential moment or situation.  Also,  I need to say thanks to all of my buddies.  No matter from the perspective as a student pilot or merely a traveller,  I enjoy very trip,  no matter how good or bad it is,  I do learn something new. Of coz, the story of the date is not end at this point, two mistakes made by me.

First, I put all my shirt inside the check-in baggage. When I got back it on the carousel, I’ve just found that the baggage is damaged. It is so lucky that I can get it back. I am not sure if it is real a fault, but I did put two of my pilot shirt into the check-in baggage rather than put one inside my hand-carrier baggage. Have to say that the check-in baggage is limited as well. It do give me reflection.

Secondly, I met Capt. Mike Evans in the car park as well as I cannot say his name. Indeed, I and my group mates may have seen some articles related to him. Perhaps, I need to learn more about the team. Capt. , I won’t forget your name. Hope to see you again!

Now, what I need to is simply, go to sleep well and looking forward the brand new learning day! Happy to meet all of the buddies, have a good night.