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Protected: ICAO English: Photo Description 2

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Learning from BBC New: ET302

Language A plan has crashed in (somewhere). It’s believed (157) people were on the flight It’s quite a devastating scene. You can see clearly that… Various nationals were among the passengers. there was an intense fire as the aircraft hit the ground The blast and the fire were so strong  that we couldn’t get near Read More

Aviation Mathematics and Physics

What is the cause for the change in seasons throughout the year? Ans : The axis of rotation of the Earth is tilted. Notes: The seasons on Earth have nothing to do with the specific shape of Earth’s orbit around the Sun. What causes day and night? The Earth rotates around a line through the Read More

ICAO English : Flight Path

[General Usage] Request an earlier slot example: request a new slot Ready to push back Advise current QNH Advise the type of the traffic ahead of us Confirm heading = What’s the heading? Confirm parking stand = Please tell the parking stand Note: “Advise” and “Confirm” are used in a question, but the later one usually Read More

ICAO English: Photo Description

Protected: ICAO English: Photo Description 2 Words bank awaiting to use: I am looking at a picture of … This is a photo of … I think that this picture is taken in… It looks like an Airbus in dispersal It looks like fish of some sort. emblem (n.) – e.g  national emblem  has adopted Read More

[Notes] Unit2-Ground Movemnts

Different Marking (printed on the surface)  and Sign (shown as 3-D box)   RWY Holding Position Sign Outbound Destination Sign NO-entry Sign RWY Exit Sign Taxi Location Sign ILS critical area Sign TWY ending marking RWY Centreline Marking   Different Areas, Buildings, Equipment, Services example: Apron (areas) – open area in front of terminal or Read More

[Notes] Unit1- Language and Communication in Aviation

Standard phraseology v.s Plain language Readback + Hearback 3 Types of transmission Instruction Request Information “Say again” is asking for clarification rather than repetition LANGUAGE FOCUS: asking questions Do/Does Do you have …? Are/Is Are you ready? Have/Has Have you got …? Say Say heading Say again Confirm Confirm position over MSA Report  [formal] Report Read More