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Why Inline 4 or straight 6 Engines Always SUCKED for Airplanes

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How airbrone weather radars work?

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Jet Engine Indications

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What’s Bleed air?

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Why turbofan engine needs High bypass ratio? 點解要high bypass ratio?

Force = mass x acceleration [Ref Turbofan Engine | SKYbrary Aviation Safety] High bypass engines usually have a single stage fan which generates a high volume but relatively low speed air stream. The fan airflow, referred to as the cold air stream, is accelerated by the fan and passes through the engine remaining outside of Read More

Convergent v.s Divergent

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Why aircraft fly SO HIGH? 點解民航機要飛高D?

To answer this question, there are various approach. Weather Speed (Lift formular – air den v.s TAS) Efficiency of the engine Read More – Why Are Jet Engines More Efficient at Higher Altitudes? – HighSkyFlying Read More

Detonation, Pre-ignition

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Carbon Fiber Composite (CFC) , Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC)

CMC More about CMC: Behind the GE9X engine’s advanced technologies | Paid content | Flight Global   CFC Read More

Break Horsepower, Thrust Horsepower – BHP vs THP?

Definition of Horse Power (Break Horsepower) – refer below BBC youtube footage 5:14   Read more – Be caution ! 有出入 For below video, you may hear something a bit different, but the author mentioed that the clip below are on US basis. Read More

777’s GE90 Engines?

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GE9X – The World’s Biggest Jet Engine

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Piston vs Turbofan?

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4-Stroke & 2-Stroke Engine | Its Parts & Working Explained

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Aircraft Tyre : basic things you need to know!

How to change aircraft tyres? What type of gas are used for modern jetliners? Why aircraft’s tyres have no groove, but have straight profiles? Read More

Tubed tyres v.s Tubeless tyres

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Air system of modern jetliner?

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What’s Nose wheel steering?

Landing gear – how modern jetliner landing gear work? Read More

Landing gear – how modern jetliner landing gear work?

“Oleo Pneumatic Shock Absorber Strut” – it is used on modern jetliner landing gear (e.g B777, A350).   Read More – Thx Captain Joe! Gravity Extension of landing gear Why is the landing gear tilted?  What’s Nose wheel steering? Read More

How the landing gear locked at down position?

Ans: Over center mechanism – a.k.a overcentre geometric lock Read More

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