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What’s Long Black?

[Ref] Long black is a popular coffee shop drink in Australia and New Zealand. Just like the americano, the long black is an espresso-based drink. The ingredients are the same in both: espresso and hot water. The difference, however, is in the preparation. The writer of the article reached out to experts in the Read More

Classification by Flavour (Coffee)

American people generally classify coffee bean into 6 grades (best to worse) : strictly soft soft softish hard (hardish) – Well rounded flavour. Rough. Hard. Rioy – With a slight river flavour. Rio – Pronounced, rough flavour Read More

What’s Flat White?

[Ref STARBUCKS] What’s Flat White? Extra shot and pouring skills Extra shot ensure that it’s bolder than a latte, yet steamed milk keeps it smoother than a cappuccino. Also, steamed milk is folded into itself creating a velvety microfoam that gives the Flat White its silky texture and signature white dot.   Read More

What’s “Caffè Misto”

[Ref STARBUCKS] What’s Caffè Misto? Classic Caffè Misto, which the French call café au lait,is a half brewed coffee and half steamed milk. [50% brewed coffee + 50% steamed milk] Notes: adjust the flavor by choosing different roasts.  Read More

Coffee beans of Latin America (拉丁美洲的咖啡)

[Ref 新版咖啡學] During the publishing time of “新版咖啡學”, Latin America (拉丁美洲/中南美洲) is the largest coffee production region in the world; Washed coffee (水洗) and Semi-washed coffee (Wet hulling 半水洗) are two common processing methods for beans in Latin America. Brazil (巴西) is the world’s largest coffee producer. In 2016, Brazil produced a staggering 2,595,000 metric Read More

Single-origin coffee v.s Blend

[Ref Freeman, James. The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee (p. 20)] Single-origin coffee (單品) Bean is from one country, one region, one farm, or even one part of a farm.   Blend (拼配) One of the examples is Mocha-Java. Blend is to achieve a consistently delicious flavor. Rightly, commercial coffee should have same taste throughout Read More

What’s “Wet milling”?

[Ref Freeman, James. The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee (p. 18)] Important: Wet milling ≠ Wet hulling! Wet milling is the final steps after the first phase of processing – the coffee usually stored for 1-3 months to help balance out their moisture levels.   Read More

What’s “Wet Hulling”?

[Ref Freeman, James. The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee (p. 18)] Wet hulling, aka “Semi-Washed processing” (半水洗), is a version of PN processing, usually used in Sumatra removes the outer skin → spread on large tables to dry (1 days) → rinsed and washed → partially dry → hull to remove the parchment → dry Read More

What’s “Pulped Natural Coffee”?

[Ref Freeman, James. The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee (p. 18)] Pulped Natural coffee (PN法), aka “honey processing“(蜜處理) or Semi-Dry processing (半日曬), which is a cross between washed processing (wet) and dry processing (dry) removes the outer skin → spread on large tables to dry (5 days to 2 weeks) → rinsed and washed → Read More

What’s “Natural Coffee”?

[Ref Freeman, James. The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee (p. 17)] Natural coffee is also known as dry processing Coffee cherries are dried whole   Features of washed coffee more body less acidity with fruity flavors and blueberry scents   Read More

What’s “Washed coffee”?

[Ref Freeman, James. The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee (p. 17)] Washed Coffee is also known as “wet processing” removes the outer skin → soaked in water (fermentation) → rinsed and washed → dry   The basic process is that the cherries are sent through a pulping machine, which removes the outer skin, leaving the sticky Read More

Starbucks coffee finder

[Ref] Starbucks uses 3 questions to help you find a coffee you’ll love What flavor are you most drawn to? Savory Fruity Toasted Caramelized What sensation do you like on your palate? Crisp Smooth Rich How intense do you like your coffee? Subtle & Soft Medium & Balanced Intense & Robust [Ref] Generally speaking, there are various degrees Read More

What’s “Ristretto”? (Coffee)

[Ref: Freeman, James. The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee (p. 119)] Ristretto, or restricted espresso, is a shot that uses a heavier brewing ratio than the classic Italian brewing (ratio of 7 grams of ground coffee to produce 30 ml of espresso). Anywhere from a 1:1 to 1:1.5 brewing ratio is usually considered a ristretto Read More


# Notes about coffee # What’s “Washed coffee”? (水洗) # What’s “Natural Coffee”? (日曬) # What’s “Pulped Natural Coffee/ Semi Dry Coffee”? (PN法 = 半日曬) # What’s “Wet Hulling / Semi-washed coffee”? (Wet hulling = 半水洗) # What’s “Wet milling”? # What’s “Ristretto”? (Coffee) # Single-origin coffee (單品) v.s Blend (拼配) # Coffee beans of Read More