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Pilot sharing and group work

This evening, I deeply thanks that a pilot shared with us by using scenario and group work. Let me briefly type what I have learnt this evening ~ CLEAR model Clarify the issue or question – ident problem Look for options Evaluate the options – factors including safety, legality, pax comfort, OTP and Cost. Action Read More

Why Second Officer usually assigned for long-haul flight?

點解SO 多數飛15個中或以上既機? First of all, what is long-haul, short haul? Taking reference from aviation related websites, there is no consistent definition. However, I have tried to understand why CX need the SO for the so-called long hour flights – 仲要係 ‘Ultra Long Range Operations’ (ULR). The reasons is complying to CAD 371 – Read More

CAD 54 – PILOT LICENCES AND ASSOCIATED RATINGS REQUIREMENTS DOCUMENT   CAD has three part: Part One General Part Two Private Pilot’s Licences and Instructor Ratings Part Three Professional Pilot’s Licences CAD 54 actually is the syllabubs of the cadet program~ What I am expecting myself to achieve as a candidate ? What I am expecting to learn as a cadet pilot? CAD 54 Read More

Pilot Licences

HKCAD – Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department Pilot Licences We need to prepare our self to be competent as an airline crew with various requirements at different stage, although the CX application page concludes in 6 points briefly: A Hong Kong Permanent resident Graduated from secondary school with good passes in English language, Mathematics Read More