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2024-2025 I will, I am going to achieve it!

齊腳, Fly beyond! 2024-2025 I will, I am going to achieve it! 2024-2025 We will, We are going to achieve it! Read More

The road to become a professional bus driver before being an airline pilot

2020 Apr 17, around 3 months past since the outbreak of COVID-19 , I wake up at 0500LT. This first thing I am going to do is to type a simply “diary” to record my recent status. I like writing blog since I can review what I did in the past and I can check Read More

Life as a Flight Operations Officer

In 2019, before I am going to work for other company in another sector of aviation, I would like using little spare time to review my past position as a Flight Operation Officer. From about video clip, you may see the lady wears a yellow high-vis vest with “RC” imprint on it. RC- could refer to Read More

One Life Experience

2017-01-03 Dear my friends, There is no better way for greeting, isn’t it. Tonight, it is great that I can go back to campus again after I have started to work as a member in Flight Ops since July. Time is passing, always! Everything is happening liken to blinking my eyes. Originally, I tried to Read More

One Life Experience

Dear my friends, 2016-03-20 The performance may be reduced due to the high relative humidity in the damp night. However, I feel that it’s not a big deal since I have learnt how to make a wisdom decision as a pilot point of view – of coz,  I start from “ab initio” – there are much Read More

Life-long Learning: 人生是不斷修正的過程~

2015.09.01 I have come back Hong Kong almost a month. Rightly, as a fresh graduate, without any working experience as well as not the “first-hon” graduate, it is very difficult to seek for even an interview here. Fortunately, my boss choose to believe in me and offer an excellent position to me so that I Read More