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Carbon monoxide Feature: colorless odorless tasteless non-irritating   Symptoms: drowsiness loss of muscular power unconsciousness coma and death Pilot actions: shut off heating (cabin heat), and open fresh air vents Ref:   Read More


Ref: Symptoms of hyperventilation Tingling stiffening spasm visual impairment anxiety dizziness unconsciousness Hyperventilation vs Hypoxia below 10,000 feet in general (in contrast, hypoxia at high level)   Treatment administer oxygen paper bag method   Read More


Four (4) major types of hypoxia –> Cause: Hypoxic Hypoxia –> Altitude insufficient O2 in breathing air Hypaemic (Anaemic) Hypoxia –> Blood Reduction in the O2 carrying capacity of the blood Stagnant Hypoxia –> Circulation inadequate circulation (e.g during positive-G manoeuvres) Histototic Hypoxia  –>Drug alcohol, certain poisons   Symptoms of hypoxia peripheral vision -> blur Read More

Human Factor

History of human factors It’s better to lose one minute of your life than losing your life in one minute Examples: Germanwings Flight 9525 Crash Tenerife 1977 Asiana Flight 214 Read More