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AFTC Training Sharing – Operation

2016/04/11 Today, it is the first day I come back to Hong Kong from the Adelaide via the Singapore. Although I have set the first clock on 0650, I wake up at 0720 at the end. I am not sure if my mum turn the first alarm off. What I want to share is that Read More

Day 9 – VH-YTD

Today, I made a great consolidation training. Have to say that I didn’t do everything right during the “test” exercise, however, I have just tried my best as well as done every maneuvers with the basic standard at a comfortable fashion. Of coz, I do understand that I may not the smartest one in the Read More

Day 8 VH-YTC

Time is running fast, always! It seems like that I have just blinked my eyes, I have finished the day 8 training in AFTC. Today, I meets a hurdle as it is the second time my instructor told me that I should not make the throttle at below 1,000 RPM  whenever the A/C is stopped (or Read More

Day 5 – VH-YTD / Day 6-7 – First Weekend in ADL

Decision making, TEM, Correction The first week of the training has just past. At the last air exercise on the Fri, it was the first day that I fly on a windy day with gust wind up to 22 KT while I had a chance to fly with a new instructor, Kennedy Mel., for a lesson Read More

Day 4 – VH-YTN

Today, I have finished the day 4 training. So far, I feel that the training trip is awesome, all of the people and things here are excellent. What I can learn is attitude and it is a really good training for my mental quality. In the past, I felt nervous and my mind may be even Read More

Day 3 Training – VH-YTN

Today, I have finished the day 3 training related to the climb and descend. Again, recall the admonishment from my mentors and instructors, I am better to put the aims of the exercise as a top-target while I should make improvement at my weakness. I do remember Dean told me that I should not trace Read More

Day 2 Training – VH-YTF

Start from basic maneuver – Straight and Level In the second day of training in ADL, everything seems better than before. Today, I have not traced the performance that I did yesterday. And of coz, I am trying to have more interaction with Dean, my kindly instructor. What I have learnt as well as practice Read More

Day 1 Training – VH-YTE

05:00 Wake-up After a sweet dream on a soft bed, I have recharged for the real starting of my training. As a student pilot, I do not allow me to get on board to the aircraft with any fatigue. Recall the knowledge from the training manual – Airmanship, or more simply to say – by Read More

AFTC Training Day 1 (From HKG to ADL)

2016/03/26 Good Friday,  Passion  (typed in HKG airport) Passion (from the Greek verb πασχωmeaning to suffer) is a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something. “Checklist completed” I whispered (to myself).  After I have come back to Hong Kong since last August. I can embark Read More