Tommy Kwan was born in Hong Kong in 1992. Between 2011 and 2015, he was staying in Taipei for his bachelor degree in Molecular Science and Engineering.

At his young age, he was curious about the world and different cultures. In 2012, he visited three beautiful European cities – Vienna, Bucharest and Chisinau. After that, he had more and more opportunities getting involved in aviation industry. With various travel experiences, Tommy attempted to learn more about airline sector.

Perhaps it’s his fate – he got a flight simulator software. Since then, his passion about GA is ignited. After graduated from the uni in 2015, he came back to his home city for a PPL ground school certificate program. Through the course, he met lots of inspiring mentors and even had a 10-hour flight experience in a well-known flight school in Adelaide.

Since 2016 after the flying lessons, he have determined to become an airline pilot. However, he took a slightly different path in lieu of applying for flying school simply. In 2019, by chance, he became a professional operator in a franchised bus company.

This year, in 2020, he starts a new plan for the sake of COVID-19’s outbreak. He always believes that “Every road leads to Rome”. Perhaps he might need to divert to “alternative aerodrome”. However, he understands the meaning of “flying” – a good pilot should not take risks! To him, what aviation industry have taught him is the philosophy of “being an aviator”.

Tommy absolutely understands the challenging environment in 2020, but he believe that we can storm the weather together.

To persevere I think it’s important for everybody
Don’t give up, Don’t give in

I believe that there’s always an answer to everything.

Tommy’s Diaries had been established since 2011 and renamed as tommykwan.com in 2015. Time is running very fast, always! I’ve always wanted to share you what is impressive in my life! Perhaps some posts might not the taste you like. I, however, wish you can feel more about me from the photos and words.

Lastly! Thank you for visiting my Blog!