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Korea Trip 2019 – Day 3-5

Seoul is the largest city of Korea, followed by Busan. Jeju is a renowned island for tour visiting, but it is not a city rightly. By the way, have you ever heard Military Demarcation Line (三八線), which separate the republic of Korea (a.k.a South Korea) and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (a.k.a North Korea). Read More

Korea Trip 2019 – Day 2

On the second day at 0915LT, after we had had the buffet breakfast in the hotel, we started our Day 2 schedule. Around 1.5 hours journey, we arrived the French Culture Village. The tour guide introduce to us that many scene of Korean TV series used that as the background. To me, hmm… my accompany Read More

Korea Trip 2019 – Day 1

What a wonderful flight on A380! The weather was a bit cloudy though, we felt very thankful that the flight was unbelievably smooth. I could not even distinguish the difference between taxiing and turning as well as the stationary state on parking stand. As a foreigner, I feel that the ICN partly looks like the Read More