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Carbon Fiber Composite (CFC) , Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC)

CMC More about CMC: Behind the GE9X engine’s advanced technologies | Paid content | Flight Global   CFC Read More

Break Horsepower, Thrust Horsepower – BHP vs THP?

Definition of Horse Power (Break Horsepower) – refer below BBC youtube footage 5:14   Read more – Be caution ! 有出入 For below video, you may hear something a bit different, but the author mentioed that the clip below are on US basis. Read More

777’s GE90 Engines?

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GE9X – The World’s Biggest Jet Engine

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Piston vs Turbofan?

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4-Stroke & 2-Stroke Engine | Its Parts & Working Explained

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How much fuel does a jet airplane need?

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B777X v.s A350

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Reliablity of B777 Electrical System – This Can Save An Airplane | Engineering Secrets

#IDG x2 – AC generator #APU #ELMS – Electrical Load Management System #Backup generator x2 #PMG x4 – Permanent Magnetic Generator #Battery #RAT -Ram Air Turbine #Emergency Battery Read More

Hurricane, Tornado, Cyclone – What’s the Difference?

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How are tornadoes formed?

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Landfall to Hong Kong East or West? 東登 v.s 西登?

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What’s Tropical Cyclone (Typhoon)?

Tropical cyclones is one of the natural hazard for aviation. How do we call them depending on the region. According to WMO (World Meteorological Organization): [Ref Tropical cyclone (] A tropical cyclone is a rapidly rotating storm that begins over tropical oceans, and they can vary in speed, size, and intensity. Tropical cyclones are the Read More

What’s Foehn effect 焚風效應?

Ref Foehn effect – Met Office The foehn effect describes the change from wet and cold conditions one side of a mountain, to warmer and drier conditions on the other (leeward) side.     Read More

What’s Lee side?

Ref Windward and leeward – Wikipedia The term “windward” has roots in both Low German and Old English. The word “lee“, which means a place without wind. Windward is upwind from the point of reference, i.e., towards the direction from which the wind is coming; Leeward is downwind from the point of reference, i.e., along the direction towards Read More

How the air pressure work in our environment?

By change, I stumble upon a series of televsion show, which use animation to explain Meteorology in a easy way. Great! Read More

FAA Pilot/Controller Glossary (Dictionary)


Cloud Base v.s Cloud Ceiling

A cloud base refers to the lowest visible part of the clouds over the station. A cloud ceiling refers to the distance between the ground or water and the base of the lowest layer of clouds, which must form a cloud cover that blankets more than half of the sky below 20,000 feet.   Read More – Read More

Temperature Inversion

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What’s Sea Breeze and Land Breeze?

NWS JetStream – The Sea Breeze ( The sea breeze circulation is composed of two opposing flows; one at the surface (called the sea breeze) and one aloft (which is a return flow). These two flows are a result of the difference in air density between the land and sea caused by the sun’s heating. The sun Read More

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