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VHHH Runway Length? 香港機場跑道有幾長?

Reference: VHHH AD 2.13 DECLARED DISTANCES   Read More

VHHH 邊條跑道有ILS? CAT 幾?

Reference: VHHH AD 2.22   FLIGHT PROCEDURES 10 Instrument Landing System (ILS) – General RWY 25R ILS is equipped for CAT I landings. RWY 07R and RWY 25L ILS are equipped for CAT II landings. RWY 07L ILS is equipped for CAT III landings. Operators must obtain approval prior to conducting CAT II/III operations, (see AD 1.1 paragraph Read More

Hong Kong Airspace (HKG FIR)

Ref: Civil Aviation Department – Airspace ( Airspace The Air Traffic Management Division of Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department (CAD) is responsible for the provision of air traffic control service, flight information service and alerting service within the Hong Kong Flight Information Region (FIR) as designated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The airspace Read More

VHHH (香港) 既 transition altitude 同 transition level 係咩?

Reference: ENR 1.7 ALTIMETER SETTING PROCEDURES 1.2 The transition altitude (TA) is 9 000 ft. 1.3 The transition level is FL110.   下面一堆字既小總結: 除左好特殊情況, 離港既過左 TA climb 就轉1013.2 ; 到港既過左FL110 descent 緊就轉QNH 任何時間不應該在TA 到 FL120 呢個layer 到cruise –  一係climb, 一係descent!     Note: i) When the QNH value at Hong Kong International Airport is 979 Read More

Aerodrome Rescue & Firefighting Services (ARFFS)

Ref: PowerPoint Presentation ( Read More

VHHH AD category for fire fighting

Ref: VHHH AD 2.6 RESCUE AND FIRE FIGHTING SERVICES AD category for fire fighting:  Category 10 !!! If pilots wish to communicate direct with RFFS, they should inform ATC.   Notes: RFFS – RESCUE AND FIRE FIGHTING SERVICES   How to pronounce “ARFF” – Aircraft Rescue and FireFighting   Read More

VHHH co-ordinates (座標), Elevation (ELEV 海拔), Magnetic Variation

百萬無獎問答 : 香港國際機場 HKIA 的 co-ordinates (座標), Elevation (ELEV 海拔), Magnetic Variation? 可以係邊到搵到? Ans: HK AIP AD 2.X VHHH AD 2.1   AERODROME LOCATION INDICATOR AND NAME VHHH — HONG KONG/ INTERNATIONAL VHHH AD 2.2   AERODROME GEOGRAPHICAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE DATA 1 ARP co-ordinates and site at AD 221832N 1135453EMid-point of aerodrome 2 Direction and distance from city 25 km west Read More


客用官網: Hong Kong International Airport – Passenger Home ( ATIS: Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) ( AIP: Hong Kong Aeronautical Information Services ( VHHH co-ordinates (座標), Elevation (ELEV 海拔), Magnetic Variation – Tommy’s Diaries ( VHHH Runway Length? 香港機場跑道有幾長? – Tommy’s Diaries ( VHHH 邊條跑道有ILS? CAT 幾? – Tommy’s Diaries ( 香港機場既救火能力: VHHH AD category Read More

CX Fleet

Reference 客機及機隊 | 旅程資訊 | 國泰航空 (     Read More

[Non-official article] Which Routes Feature Cathay Pacific First Class?

Reference Which Routes Feature Cathay Pacific First Class? – One Mile at a Time     Read More

How CX expand our service to new horizons

Reference How Cathay expands its routes | Cathay ( 一篇關於開新PORT要考慮既野~ Setting up a new route isn’t as simple as it sounds – 呢句真~ Read More

CX route – from 1946 to 202X

Reference Move Beyond – Fact Sheet – Cathay Pacific Cathay Pacific to launch direct flights connecting Hong Kong and Riyadh – Cathay Pacific Cathay Pacific’s new service to Riyadh now in operation – Cathay Pacific   Our achievements have always been a force of positivity in Asia and beyond: 1946 – The first freight service Read More

Move Beyond: Cathay Pacific’s new brand concept – vision and culture

Reference Move Beyond: Cathay Pacific’s new brand concept | Cathay Move Beyond – Fact Sheet – Cathay Pacific Cathay Pacific | What we stand for 2023_cx_annual_report_en.pdf (   WHAT DO WE MEAN BY ‘MOVE BEYOND’? Our ambition is to become one of the world’s greatest service brands in the way that we treat every journey Read More


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點解我會想去美國飛? (一個純飛機膠理由)

我想去Pima Air & Space Museum in Arizona 睇國泰隻B-HNL! Cathay Pacific, Boeing to donate world’s 1st 777 to aviation museum – Cathay Pacific Cathay Pacific and Boeing announced today that they are donating the first-ever Boeing 777 airplane to the Pima Air & Space Museum in Arizona, one of the world’s largest facilities devoted to celebrating Read More

國泰由DC-3 去到今時今日既A350/B777?

Reference: Our history | Cathay Pacific   Timeline 1946 –  Douglas DC-3 1959 – Lockheed Electra aircraft (American turboprop airliner) – first aircraft to offer a premium cabin, with 12 First class seats 1962 – first Convair 880  (American narrow-body jet airliner) 1968 – all-jet fleet 1979 – first Boeing 747-200, VR-HKG, arrives in Hong Read More

國泰隻Niki 又係咩?

Ref 國泰航空進入噴射機時代 | 國泰 ( 率先於1962年退役的是國泰首批DC-3客機中的Niki,她曾與Betsy結伴翱翔天際,由國泰合伙創辦人Roy Farrell於1946年從美國運來亞洲。Niki雖然已經光榮退役,但卻並未被人遺忘。現在國泰航空的香港總部國泰城門外,陳列了一架Niki的一比一複製飛機;表揚公司傑出員工的員工嘉獎禮,亦被稱作Betsy及Niki。 The first to leave in 1962 was Niki, one of the airline’s original DC-3s, which flew alongside Betsy, the aircraft ferried over to Asia from the US by founding partner Roy Farrell back in 1946. Gone, but not forgotten: an exact replica of Niki sits proudly outside the Read More


Reference Cathay Pacific | Our Story The old and only “Betsy” “Betsy”, a converted Douglas DC3, is fondly remembered as our first aircraft. Sold in 1955, “Betsy” was discovered, almost 30 years later flying cargo around the Australian outback. We bought the aircraft back, repainted her in the original 1940s livery and returned her to Read More


Reference: Cathay Pacific | Our Story An investment in the future The new company began to operate passenger flights to Manila, Bangkok, Singapore and Shanghai. Expansion was fast and, in 1948, Butterfield & Swire (today known as the Swire Group) took a 45% share in the company. Under the leadership of John Kidston Swire, Butterfield Read More

國泰 Cathay Pacific 的一切~

Move Beyond: Cathay Pacific’s new brand concept – vision and culture – Tommy’s Diaries ( 國泰的history – Tommy’s Diaries ( 點解叫 “Cathay Pacific” – Tommy’s Diaries ( 點解「太古」會變左係「國泰」牙媽~ – Tommy’s Diaries ( 國泰第一隻飛機係咩 – Tommy’s Diaries ( 國泰隻Niki 又係咩? – Tommy’s Diaries ( 點解我會想去美國飛? (一個純飛機膠理由) – Tommy’s Diaries ( 點解我會想去FTA 飛? (一個情義結 – 舊地重遊?) CX Read More

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