Day: June 9, 2024

What is global circulation?

Knowledge from this clip: Global Circullation is one of the drivers for climate and phenomenon: Jet Steam Previling wind Engergy (heat) from sun reachs the earth by radiation Earth itself is an irregularly shaped ellipsoid Energy is much more concentrated near the equator Earth is tilted, sun light cannot reach the poles at all time In Read More


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Monsoon 合集: 一次了解多個地方既季候風

Monsoon: a seasonal prevailing wind in the region. Monsoons are large-scale wind systems caused by differences in the temperatures of land and sea over the seasons. HONG KONG 香港 Also Reference:Strong Monsoon Signal|Hong Kong Observatory(HKO)|Details of Warnings Key knowledge from this clip: Winter in Hong Kong : North to East (North-East) monsoon Summer in Hong Read More

What’s El Niño and La Niña? 厄爾尼諾? 拉尼娜? 聖嬰?

生字 learn from these videos: Extreme natural events Bush fire 山火 Heat waves Drought 乾旱 Floods Cyclones coral bleaching (珊瑚白化)   Reference:El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO)   Swing (shifts/ changes) between phases El Nino Neutral La Nina Notes: can divided into more phases, but in general, there are three “status”. Knowledge from this clip: Effect Read More