Month: November 2018

Incident at work

話不多說. 事發日期 2018 – Nov – 10 to 2018 -Nov -11 … 因為一連串 ERROR 又未被修正, 最後我工作的公司就出了INCIDENT. 要永遠記住呢種感覺…錯左要面對處分固然有麻煩, 但最難過的是事後的壓力, 即是做一些平日熟練的工作, 您卻有一種莫名奇妙的壓迫感, 這一次學會/發現受壓能力雖比以前高, 但係…AVIATION 就是不可錯…特別係上面! 在上面一個DECISION 都不可以MAKE 錯… 就算話係MCC…但係要永遠假設CAPTAIN 暈左(即係您老闆吾再幫到您) 您都要識LAND… 又或許個PM 做吾到MONITOR 的作用…您是PF …您就要會AVIATE…又再換個角色…想做PIC 或做得PIC… 咩春都要您咩…. 總之污點永遠在資料庫長存…ET645 …永遠警戒自己的錯! Read More

Learning English on bus : SCMP news

Ref Prisoner on the run after escaping from Hong Kong hospital by climbing through roof in washroom What an absurd news reported by SCMP, anyway, these things happen. The story is about a foreign national 外國人 who was arrested for carrying a fake Hong Kong ID card escaped from police custody in the morning. Carry a fake HKID Read More

Learning English on the bus : SCMP news

Ref. Reading news is part of our daily activities, isn’t it. Today, in the afternoon, I scroll down the SCMP page trying to read the news and learn something new. Hong Kong buyer snaps up ‘exceptional’ white truffle nugget for US$96,000 at auction A very intriguing title, isn’t it. I gather that is about Read More