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Service ceiling v.s Absolute altitude

Service ceiling 指飛機無再多MAP for climb; Critical altitude 指turbocharged engine 發揮最大壓縮空氣能力既高度 As a normally aspirated aircraft climbs, it eventually reaches an altitude where the MAP is insufficient for a normal climb. This altitude limit is known as the aircraft’s service ceiling Critical altitude is the maximum altitude at which a turbocharged engine can produce its rated Read More

Six pack

Reference: Six pack: is a terms referring the six basic instruments that a pilot must know! From the top, on the most left is the Airspeed indicator (ASI), the Attitude indicator (AI) is in the middle, and the Altimeter (Alt) on the right At the bottom, on the most left is the  Turn coordinator Read More

What’s Wing Camber, What’s Chord line?

What’s Wing Camber? Ans: curvature of the aerofoil (wing) maximum distance between the mean camber line and the chord line   Mean camber line : imaginary line equidistance between the upper and lower surface of the wing, joining from the leading edge to trailing edge.   What’s Chord line? Ans: imaginary line joining from the Read More